Change your life, be all you can be by changing your handwriting.

Change your life, be all you can be by changing your handwriting.

Change your life: Be all you can be

Yes, it works.

You can change your life by changing your writing.

Personal Development using Handwriting, or Graphotherapy, involves changing your writing to change character traits.

  • It is a unique, but extremely effective way of realizing your potential.
  • You can improve your life with this self-help tool which is readily available at no cost to you: your handwriting.
  • You can change characteristics and personality traits by changing your writing.

Are you scoffing at the thought of your handwriting’s ability to change your life?

Scoff no more!

Read on and find out how indeed to can achieve your goals, engage in personal development/ personal growth and realize your potential by changing your writing.

You don’t even have to write much.

In this world of computers and texting, who writes anymore? Well, we all generally have to write at least our signature at times, but that is not the point.

Here is a comparison.

  • When you want to shape up you go to the gym. You may or may not go to the gym normally but if you are on a campaign to shape up you will go to the gym more.
  • If you want to lose weight, you go on a diet. You eat anyway, and you may be reasonably careful about what you eat, but if you go on a diet, you will be even more careful and presumably follow a specific eating plan until to achieve your weight goal.

It works the same way with using handwriting in personal development.

You want to make the changes in your life you can make using handwriting as the tool

  • Write for ten to fifteen minutes a day
  • Do the appropriate exercises.
  • If you write normally during the day, you still need to do the exercises.
  • If you do not write normally during the day, then you write for the specified time
  • And that is all.

It also

  • Does not matter how bad your writing is.
  • Does not matter whether you can spell, write with good grammar or any of the other requirements that school probably made of your writing.
  • You just write however you write and follow the instructions for specific strokes to include
  • If no-one, including yourself, can read it afterwards, that is absolutely fine.

power signature

There is nothing paranormal, nothing psychic, nothing strange at all about it.

It is purely a practical, psychological response your mind makes in response to specific body language. And handwriting is body language. It leaves a permanent visual trail because it is body language done with a pen or pencil, just as physical, visual footprints are left in the sand or snow when you walk.

If you run as fast as you can, or if you walk slowly, dawdling and dragging your feet as you go, you will leave different footprints.

Likewise, depending on the mood you are in, and how your personality is in general, you will write differently at different times.

Try it.

  • Write a note to yourself sometime when you are in a mad rush.
  • Write another when you are calm and relaxed.
  • Another when you are angry, happy, tired, stressed, excited etc.
  • You will see differences.

Now these are temporary differences and they will always show in your writing.

However, who you are, what your personality is like in all major and all minor ways also affects how you write.

Look at the writing of someone you know who is forceful, energetic and gets things done. Then look at the writing of someone you know who is meek and mild, and generally has a hard time coping with life. I know without seeing their writing that these two people will have vastly different writing.

So it stands to reason if either one of them, or anyone else for that matter, changes their personality, voluntarily or involuntarily their writing will change.

And it also works in reverse.

If you change your body language repeatedly until the new body language becomes habit, it will affect how your feel and think.

The new movements create new neural pathways in the brain and once these become established, and the older, now unused neural pathways start to disappear through disuse, you find yourself thinking and feeling – and therefore behaving – in the new way.

So if you decide what you want to change about yourself, in what way you want to improve, you can, by changing the appropriate strokes in your writing, make that change that you want.

Personal Development using Handwriting is called Grapho-Therapy.

Most people would like to achieve more in their lives and this is a rather extensive, complicated topic for this article.

But one part of that might be that you want to have more confidence and self-esteem.

If so, start making your personal pronoun larger, a little larger than the rest of your capital letters. Do the same with your signature. But just a little larger is the key. If you make the personal pronoun and your signature enormous you are getting into the areas of ego and bluff.

Want to be able to concentrate better on things you are working on?

Start writing smaller. Small writing means concentration (think about it: it makes sense that you have to concentrate more to write smaller) and once it becomes a habit with you, you will find the ability to concentrate has increased in your life.

Again, smaller means smaller, not microscopic. Too much of any good things becomes a negative and so it is with personality traits. Microscopic writing is an indication of tunnel vision, so if you already have that, practice writing somewhat larger and you will find yourself seeing more of the picture.

Grapho-Therapy involves looking at the writing with a view to identifying what to eliminate from the writing as it could be holding the writer back from the goals or behaviors that they have indicated they wish to acquire, and what can be added to develop them.

This information is given to the client, along with specific instructions as to how to perform the writing exercises.

A few minutes a day doing these exercises is all it takes.

To break any habit, by any technique, usually takes around three weeks, so by that time the new strokes in your writing should be feeling more comfortable. It can take two to three months for them to become natural to you, and by then you will find yourself using the new strokes every time you write, usually without thinking.  If you miss once or twice, no worries, it will become more and more natural.

The added beauty of changing your personality through your handwriting is that if you start to slip back into you old ways, you can see it in your writing before it appears in your behavior.

This gives you the opportunity to do a few more of your writing exercises for a short while till it goes back to where you want it. If you normally do not write much, it is a good idea, just to write something to check every few months that everything is where you want it.

There are many, many changes that can be done by this method. Your entire personality shows in the strokes of your writing, and every stroke is a candidate for change, so all you have to do is decide who you want to be, what you want to do, what you want to lose and what you want to add.

Changes work best when done one at a time, so once the first change is established it can be time to start on the next one. As with any therapy, this is a faster, more effective way than trying to make many changes at once.

For best results you can hire a Grapho-Therapist, who is always a Handwriting Analyst, to do the initial appraisal of your writing, once you have told her or him what changes you wish to make. He or she will then recommend the stroke changes to you and give you instructions as to how to go about your writing exercises.

Or you can if you wish, read books on handwriting analysis and decide for yourself what changes to make. But be careful. Only one at a time, and make sure you read well how to make the change so you are not inadvertently creating something you do not want in your life.

As a Grapho-Therapist I have had so many wonderful results with clients achieving the personal growth and goals that they wanted and I encourage you, if you have a dream of being all you can be and achieving your full potential, to try Grapho-Therapy as your tool of choice.

Copyright (c) Fiona MacKay Young 2013

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