Top Ten Qualities Employers Want and how to recognize them in writing

Top Ten Qualities Employers Want 

Top Ten Qualities Employers Want

A look at the Top Ten Qualities Employers Want: the traits most in demand with Employers, and how to identify them from your handwriting.

As a Career Consultant, I not only help my clients decide what career they want to pursue, and help them with job search techniques, I also help them become more aware of the skills that employers are asking for.

Most people are only too willing to tell the potential employer about their qualifications and their hard skills (skills like computer keyboarding, mechanical skills: skills you can see, touch and feel) but overlook the all important personal qualities or soft skills.

Below is one list of soft skills much in demand with employers: the Top Ten Qualities Employers Want.  The brief description of how to identify these skills from handwriting, include only the most obvious traits for each. More is needed for an effective evaluation.

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Top Ten Qualities Employers Want and how to identify them from writing 

Just about every list has this one as number one of their Top Ten Qualities Employers Want

1. Communicate Effectively

  • Emotional responsiveness shown in moderate right hand slant
  • Ability to communicate verbally shown in some open circle letters
  • Good listener shown in some closed circle letters
  • Empathy, shown in cup shaped base connections

2. Commit to the job including honesty, dependability and enthusiasm

  • Honesty shown in clean, un-looped circle letters
  • Rhythm or stability shown in a even rhythm of the writing
  • Enthusiasm shown in long sweeping t-bars
  • Loyalty shown in round dots on lower case i

3. Learn new tasks willingly – demonstrate initiative and maintain productivity

  • Open minded shown in space in the loop of the lower case e
  • Initiative shown in  t-bars sweeping out to the right from the base of the letter (other indications also)
  • Good memory i dotted, t crossed
  • Energy – writing that is written with obvious energy
  • Determination – long, firm down strokes on y,j,g,f

4. Accept responsibility: evaluate your own work, use time effectively, and have pride in the quality of your work

  • Willingness to accept responsibility shown in huge initial loop on M, N, or other letter structures
  • Clear thinking– lack of lead in strokes in writing
  • Analytical– v-shapes at the baseline between or in letters
  • Pride– t and d stems twice the height of lower case letters

5. Excellent Interpersonal Skills– work co-operatively with others, have a positive attitude, accept constructive criticism

  • Optimism shown in up slanted t-bars and lines of writing
  • Co-operative shown in mild yielding, lower case s with no angles
  • Little or no sensitivity to criticism – no loops on stems of t or d

6. Make Decisions– organize tasks, contribute new ideas

  • Organization shown in equal balanced upper and lower part of lower case f
  • Abstract Imagination– shown in upper loops
  • Decisive– shown in blunt endings where pen leaves page

7. Show Flexibility– adapt to changing requirements

  • Yielding  (as above)
  • Change and variety, shown in long and wide lower loops
  • Open-minded (as above)
  • Generous shown in long final strokes
  1. Leadership Potential– demonstrate persistence, self motivation, try to improve performance.
  • Persistence shown in anti-clockwise loop often on t-bar, capital A or H, or other letter structures
  • Self Motivation– shown in heavy t-bars
  • Pride (as above)
  • Ambition shown in high t-bars

9. Grow in the job– show a willingness to further skills and train

  • Investigative, wanting to know more, shown in inverted V formations in m and n
  • Energy (as above)
  • Open minded (as above)

10. Ability to handle personal problems without letting them interfere with work

  • Moderate Emotional Responsiveness – right hand slant no too pronounced

Every time a published article appears in the media about hiring, the Top Ten Qualities Employers Want is always the same. Sometimes the 10 traits are in a different order, but it is always most desirable soft skills that are listed. Now you can check them out from writing.

More on using Handwriting Analysis in the Hiring Process

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