Body Language and how it shows in your handwriting

Body Language

Body Language is the study of movement

When someone smiles or laughs you assume they are happy or amused unless their face shows that they are faking it. Either way, you are interpreting what you see, the body language the person is exhibiting.

When someone has bangs doors and thumps the table with their fist, you read the body language and usually, unless there is more body language indicating something else, you assume they are angry.

We all do it. It is natural to us to read body language. Of course, police and psychologists learn more about body language and so are better at picking up the clues from it.

Likewise, when you hold a pen and write, you are exhibiting body language. If you are angry at that time the way you hold and move the pen will differ from if you are relaxed and happy. And so too, the writing that you make will be different at these different times.

The special thing about the body language of writing is that it leaves a mark of how the body moved as the ink makes lines on the page. So when you write when you are blazing mad and when you write when you are calm and relaxed, the lines, or writing on the page will be different.


And following this line of thought, depending upon both your personality and your present emotional state, your writing will be somewhat different.

This is the body language of your writing showing in the same way and the rest of your body language shows.

The US Congress recognized handwriting analysis as an official branch of body language, which in turn it recognizes as a branch of psychology.

And just as walking around all day with a big smile on your face, and acting friendly and happy to everyone you meet will make you happier (and if you keep doing it, you will form the habit of being in this happy state) so writing in any given way will make you feel that way after a while.

So actions affect feelings the same way as feelings affect actions – and actions include writing.

Handwriting is Body Language

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