Quick Tips on Handwriting Analysis

Quick Tips on Handwriting Analysis: Information Nuggets.

Quick Tips on Handwriting Analysis

When you want to know what a stroke in handwriting means, you do not always want to have to read through long articles and posts to find the information you want. So that is the reason for these quick tops on handwriting analysis. Each Quick Tip is just that: it is short and to the point, and it tells you what you want to know quickly and concisely.

These are all just  information nuggets: short posts, just discussing one aspect or stroke. They cover a wide range of strokes and personality traits and can be an excellent resource just to check quickly when you notice a stroke in writing and wonder what it means.

I will be adding to them regularly, so keep checking back.

You can always find them listed on this Quick Tips on Handwriting Analysis page, or under “Categories” choose “Quick Tips“.

For more comprehensive explanation of the various strokes and traits, please visit the How-to’s of Handwriting Analysis Books page.


Quick Tips on Handwriting Analysis

#1 Signature Analysis: writing high flying long tails on your name

#2 Small Capitals in a Signature

#3 Diplomacy: does it show in your signature?

 #4 Wavy Baseline

#5 Trust and Handwriting

#6 Signature Analysis: It only happens in my signature!

#7 Your “Best” Writing

#8 My signature changes

#9 Handling Stress through Handwriting

#10 Elaborate signature

#11 Signature different from rest of writing?

#12 Aggressiveness

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I hope you enjoy the Quick Tips on Handwriting Analysis and if you have any questions or ideas for entries into this page, please use the contact form on the right of the screen. I would love to hear from you.


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