Is this writer Open or Secretive?

Here is how to tell if the signature writer will be open or secretive.

As you read this remember that the signature shows the “on show” person, and if different from the rest of the writing, it does not necessarily reflect the real, deep down individual.

A loop on the right side of any circle letter shows secretiveness.

Circle letters are lower case “a”, “o”, the circle part of “d” and “g.”

Where there is a loop on the right side of any of these letters, secretiveness exists.

Lack of loops = lack of secretiveness.

Openness is present when the circle letters are “clean”, meaning they have no loops or hooks at all.

If secretiveness appears in, say, the first name and not in the last name, this would indicate that this person may be secretive on a very personal level, but more open about family.

It goes without saying, that if there are no circle letters in a name, then secretiveness or openness can not be identified.

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