Handwriting Analysis Books

How-to Handwriting Analysis Books

Handwriting Analysis Books

Below you will find book on how to use Handwriting Analysis for specific purposes.

All the books contain clear instructions and illustrations for you to follow whether you are trying to identify traits from yours or someone else’s writing or whether you wish to change something about your writing.

Newest Publication

Tarot & Graphology: How to Deepen your Tarot Readings with HandwritingTarot & Graphology: How to Deepen your Tarot Readings with Handwriting

For anyone who enjoys Tarot Cards, whether you are a professional reader or do it just for fun, this is the book for you. The book includes not only extensive illustrations as to how to identify over 30 personality traits in writing, but also has multiple tarot and handwriting spreads and readings so you can see exactly how to do it yourself. There are also suggestions as to how to talk about more difficult traits with your querent, plus quizzes and exercises for you to practice your new skills.

For more on Tarot & Handwriting 
or to request a Tarot and Handwriting Reading (distance or local)


Practical Handwriting Analysis: Graphology Explained

What you can tell about a Person,
3 Feet Away and Upside Down
3 Feet Away and Upside Down Cover

 Create a Power Signature using Handwriting

Success to a t book

Success to a ‘t’: 7 – 9 Success Traits
you can add to your writing all in a ‘t’

Be a Success: 10 ways your Handwriting can help you Succeed in Business, at Work, at Home, in everything you do Be a Success:
10 ways to find success using Handwriting

The Personality Analysis
of your Handwriting Signature 

The Relationship Checker (PDF)

The Love and Relationship Personality Test
Love and Relationship Personality Test cover image

The Happiness Course:
How to become Happier

Hire the Right Person the First Time

Hiring Help using Handwriting Analysis:
Hire the Right / Write Person the First Time

Job Fit: Don't just find a job, choose the right/ write jobJob Fit:
Don’t just choose a Job,
choose the Right  / Write Job

Delicious, Easy Recipes for your Personality

Understand, Be Understood:
Effective Communication through Handwriting


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