Applicant Screening using Handwriting Analysis is accurate

 Applicant Screening using Handwriting Analysis

If you are involved in Applicant Screening this book is for you.

Hire the (Right) Write Person the FIRST Time:
What you really want to know about your job applicants

Hire the Right Person the First Timeby Fiona MacKay

“Write, You’re Hired!” Tool for HR and Small Business

Whether you are the Employer or the Potential Employee,
knowing what you have to offer in the workplace,
can have terrific, positive results.

This method of applicant screening is accurate, quick and cost effective.

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“Hire the Write Person the FIRST Time:
What you really want to know about your job applicants”

Before you say “(Right) Write, You’re hired”, learn more about your potential employees than any interview can ever give you.

Find out about their true personality, their “soft” skills (the non-technical ones, such as communication, problem solving etc)
This is a valuable tool in Applicant Screening.

More on the Top Ten Qualities Employers are looking for.

Discover the personal abilities and the problem areas of your potential employees to make an informed decision on whom to hire.

Wouldn’t you like to be sure that when you say “(Right) Write You’re Hired” that you are Hiring the “Write” Person the First Time!

Two ways to use this book:

– No Time? 

Applicant Screening in a hurry? Just look up the index for the exact trait you want to investigate and go to that page, find out how to identify it from writing … and go… that’s all there is to it!

 Like more detail on applicant screening using handwriting? 

“Hire the Write Person the First Time” is laid out in chapters according to skill groupings.  You may want to read it cover to cover, or you may want to skip to the chapter of most interest to you just now, and come back to the others later.

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Applicant Screening using Handwriting Analysis“Hire the Write Person the FIRST Time:
What you really want to know about your job applicants”

Before you say “Write, You’re Hired”,
you can look at your job applicant’s writing 
and quickly identify the following:

#1 Effective Communication
#2 Commit to the Job
#3 Learn New Tasks Willingly
#4 Accept Responsibility 
#5 Excellent Interpersonal Skills
#6 Make Decisions
#7 Flexibility 
#8 Leadership Potential
#9 Grow in Job
#10 Ability to Handle Personal Problems
Manual Dexterity
Team Player
Ask Questions
Able to Work Unsupervised 
Understand what a Signatures tell you.

 put it all together with the “Charts and Rankings”

a quick tool for organizing your findings and gauge the writer’s suitability for the job.

Applicant Screening using Handwriting Analysis
“Charts and Rankings” gives instant groupings and ranking methods for instant visual analysis of
which candidate is most suited, and which specific strengths and weaknesses each possesses.

Produce easy to read Reports at a Glance with this indispensable tool.


PLUS… Learn how to tell an amazing amount about someone who is writing, or reading their own notes,
as they sitting across the table from you with


And, when you buy the PDF version, you also get:

What you can tell about a person 3 feet away and upside down

What You Can Tell About a Person, 3 Feet Away & Upside Down Report

A 12 page booklet with writing samples and descriptions

This is a fun booklet giving you insights into anyone you see writing something,
even if they’re “3 feet away and upside down’!! 
(For example, sitting across the table from you, writing.)

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Applicant Screening using Handwriting Analysis


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  Applicant Screening using Handwriting Analysis

Applicant screening is difficult – I hope you find this book helpful.
To your happy and effective workplace,

Fiona MacKay Young