Delicious, Easy Recipes for your Personality

Delicious, Easy Recipes for your Personality

is unique, tongue in cheek look at how you can create scrumptious dishes made to fit who you are as a person.

The recipes are wonderful, and what you will find out about your personality along the way is amazing.

This makes a great fun gift for anyone who likes great food or who is interested in people and personality.

Delicious Easy Recipes for your Personalityby Fiona MacKay Young & Barbara Lawrence

Delicious, Easy Recipes for your Personality (Kindle)

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T’nT Treats ‘n Traits (PDF)

Find out what your Handwriting says about your Personality
Try Delicious Recipes to suit your Personality

Identify 15 Personality Traits from handwriting … then choose from 15 great recipes to match.

“The Perfect Pairing of Palate and Pen” could be another title for this book as it looks at personality through handwriting and then suggests delicious and easy recipes to make for each personality trait identified.

Barbara Lawrence wrote a newspaper column on food and recipes for many years, has written recipe books and brings her expertise plus love of delicious food to this book.

Fiona MacKay Young has been a professional handwriting analyst for over 20 years, has written several books on the subject, and demonstrates her fascination with personality here.

Combined, Barbara and Fiona have created a one-of-a-kind book which is fun and entertaining but practical.

If you like food and cooking, you will enjoy this book.

If you are intrigued by what makes people tick – or by knowing more about your own personality, you will enjoy this book.

Try it. You’ll love it.

Fiona MacKay Young