The Relationship Checker

Relationship CheckerThe Relationship Checker

Informative, Fun, and  Amazingly Accurate

Find out more about your date in half an HOUR than you normally would in half a YEAR!

If you’re actively dating, this book is for you.

Is your date “HOT?”  Are you compatible?
How do YOU rate as a Date?

   E-Book only $9.97 Instant download

Read a free chapter of the book.

Learn how to analyze handwriting to:

– discover if your DATE has what YOU want.
– if YOU have what your DATE wants.

Includes numerous handwriting samples & a section on “Sensuality and Sex.”

Written in an entertaining, light hearted manner, with lots of fun graphics.
Quick, factual and to the point.

A MUST for anyone who is Dating or considering a Long Term Relationship..

Don’t waste time on a fruitless relationship. 

How long does it take you to decide if a new date is right for you?

10 days? 10 weeks?  10 months?  More?
How would you like to know TODAY?
Just get a sample of their writing, and this book and in 1 HOUR you will know!

Brief, succinct, accurate and to the point – and FUN.

This book is sold in both Paperback and Kindle editions under the title of
“The Love and Relationship Personality Test” 

The version on this page is PDF format, different title and cover, but same content.

   E-Book: $9.97

Instant download


Fiona MacKay Young