Handwriting Services & Readings

Handwriting Services & Readings

I offer Handwriting Readings and Reports and Tarot & Handwriting combined written, MP3 audio and face to face (in person on Zoom), over a dozen books and gift certificates.

Handwriting only

I specialize in Relationships & Compatibility Readings, and Personal Development Readings and “Change your Handwriting, Change your Life Personalized Readings.

Tarot & Handwriting

I now offer Tarot & Handwriting Readings too.
If you’re into Tarot, you will be amazed at how much getting your client to write out their questions for you to interpret can add to the reading.
Read more about Tarot & Handwriting here.

Read on to find the up-to-the-minute uses for handwriting readings and handwriting analysis.

My Online Handwriting Analysis Services and Books are first
– scroll down to find my In-Person Services.


Know more about yourself, or someone else with
an Intuitive Reading from Handwriting

What is an Intuitive Reading from Handwriting??

(writing received by email online, by mail, in person on Zoom or in person locally in Victoria, BC, Canada)


  • General Reading: (in person or  Zoom)
    30 Minutes – $75
    Recording of a Live Reading: $10 (MP3 format)
    Please mention this at the time of ordering your reading

    Written List Only

    •  A one page list of personality traits. This is not a narrative analysis, but a list of the main traits that appear in the writing. This reading is written (email) or audio (MP3 ). ($60.00)

    Audio or Written Complete Comprehensive Reading can be written (email) or can be done live via  Zoom or in person locally.

      • For this reading you can ask any questions you want in the actual writing you send me for the reading
      • I will answer them in the written or audio reading.
      • The live reading also gives the opportunity for questions at the end of the reading.

Written Comprehensive Reading of one person (min. 4 pages) $175.
Live Comprehensive Reading of one person (live by  Zoom or in person, 45 mins.) $120. The time on this varies depending on how many questions you have to ask either as we go along or at the end, but the price remains the same.

Want to make changes, identify your strengths, be all you can be?
A Reading of your Handwriting can help you in ways you would never imagine.
4+ page written comprehensive analysis $175.00

    • You CAN be a success
    • This analysis not only shows you what you have going for you…
    • It also gives you confidence to take that step and go for what you want.
    • Or DIY with “Be a Success” Book

Possible Topics for Custom Analysis

Topics are endless, but some of the more requested ones are as follows:

  • Handwriting Reading Services for General Interest“I just want to know what my handwriting says about me”
  • Signatures – the most popular requests I get are “What does this signature tell?” and “How can I make my signature more success oriented?” 
    • Any of the previously listed readings can be done on a signature, however, the more writing there is, the more in depth the reading, so if possible use both a signature and more writing, and just state as a question that you are interested specifically in what your signature says. Alternative, check out my book, Personality Analysis of your Handwriting Signature
      • Want to find out more about yourself? Want to understand your relationships better?
      • Compatibility Reading for 2 people
        • Written Compatibility Reading (min. 4 pages) $300.
        • Live Compatibility Reading (on Zoom or in person, 45 mins.) $200.
        • One of the most “human service” oriented use of handwriting analysis is the way it can highlight where compatibility exists and where it will be rather strained
        • It can then suggest ways to enhance compatibility these difficult areas.
        • Often, in relationships, just understanding the underlying cause for behavior or feelings can make a huge difference, even if nothing else changes
        • But by highlighting the cause, a reading can open the way for positive change to take place.
      • Handwriting Analysis Services for Employers:
        : 90% of European employers use handwriting analysis as a regular part of the hiring process.  It works – that’s why they use it!
      • Career Choice: understanding your natural strengths both in areas of “talent” and personality can help you make informed and successful career decisions.
        • (As a Certified Career Counsellor as well as a Graphologist, I can help you identify employ-ability strengths and weaknesses to make informed decisions as to your career.
        • Or check out my book “Job Fit”


Click here to read more about this truly amazing and beneficial use of Handwriting.

This is one of the most popular uses of handwriting, and when combined with journaling, is unbeatable as a personal development tool.


Handwriting Analysis How-to Books:

When you click here you will find yourself at my Book Page, which offers my books in a variety of formats:

  • PDF downloadable directly from the website
  • Kindle format
  • Paperback versions

Handwriting Analysis Services


Handwriting Analysis Services for Local Presentations and Private Events

(Victoria, BC area)


Fiona MacKay Young publicity

I offer presentations of all kinds locally plus have developed some that work by distance.

First the local information, then distance.

  • Got a group, and want a different speaker/ entertainment?
  • I offer a short interactive presentation on how handwriting analysis works, answer questions about whatever you want to ask on the topic and then give a 30 second reading of the writing of all willing participants.
  • It’s fun – and I never say anything to embarrass anyone!
  • Most people love this part as they get not only to hear about themselves, but also about the other group members.
  • I also offer presentations to conferences, conventions, business groups of any size, with my topic of handwriting presented in relation to the topic of your group.
  • Contact me if you have questions (contact form is in the menu above.)

Human Resources: Hiring, Interviewing and Promoting

  • Handwriting analysis is one of the most reliable ways to identify qualities, desirable and undesirable in potential staff
  • By understanding what is in the writing, more targeted, meaningful interview questions can be asked, and the answers better analyzed.
  • Do not promote people to their level of incompetence: by examining handwriting you can tell whether a present employee is well suited or not to a new position.

Here is my DIY book for employers:

Hire the Right/Write Person the First Time

Hire the Right / Write Person the First Time:
What you really want to know about your job applicants


Please contact me if you have questions or if I can help you.

Fiona MacKay Young