Custom Design Success Signature Service

Custom Design Success Signature ServiceSignature Packed with Success Traits

Would you like to have your Signature to be packed with Success Traits?

You can! And that can help you to be the success you want to be – whatever “success” means to you.

By using a signature that has all the good things you want contained within it, you are adding these things to your life each time you sign your name.

Your subconscious responds to the body language of your pen and then works on developing the traits that your body language (your writing) contains.

I will create a signature for you, a Custom Design Success Signature, customized with the personality traits you most want it to show. You tell me what they are: I create a signature that shows them.

You copy and practice it until it becomes the natural way you write your name, and by then, the traits within it will be part of your usual behavior.

What to send:

  • I will need to see your present signature or, if you feel uncomfortable about releasing that, a sample of your usual handwriting that includes all of the letters that are in your signature.
    • This is so that I make the signature as close as possible to your present writing
    • with only the new, requested traits added.
  • Please include the answer to the question “What are the three personality traits or behaviors you most want to have in your signature?
  • Also add any other traits you particularly would like to have included.
  • I will guarantee to add the three most wanted traits
    • and, to extent to which I can work around these and the letters in your signature, I will also add as many of the other traits as possible.

What you will receive:

  • A clear copy of your new signature in both jpg and png format.
  • A detailed outline of what traits I have included, or are already there and should stay
    • This document will also have a graphic illustration of your new signature
  • Details of which strokes represent which traits – so you will know the important strokes to keep in your writing, and which do not matter so much.


    • $125 US

Other information:

  • Contact me for a Success Signature, and I will reply with detailed instructions as to what I need from you, and I will also send you a PayPal Invoice.
  • You do not need a PayPal account to pay
    • You can pay on PayPal using any major credit card
    • If you prefer to arrange and e-Transfer from your bank, please mention it when you contact me, to arrange this.
  • Just reply to my email,answering the question about what traits you want to add
    • and attach a scan of your signature (or other writing, as discussed above)
  • Within 5 business days, after I have received both your writing and payment, your new Success Signature will arrive in your inbox

Pricing for all the different types of readings can be found here

If you have any questions regarding this service, please contact me and I will respond as soon as possible.

To your Success.

Fiona MacKay Young