Forgery & Questioned Document Reports

Forgery & Questioned Document Reports

As a Certified Graphologist I offer forgery & questioned document reports, written, on Handwriting Comparisons.

These are used frequently where the authenticity of the writer is in question. By comparing writing√ā¬†genuine writing with the questioned writing, a report is created showing similarities and differences, with my professional opinion as to the authenticity of the questioned writing.

This type of report is used where a forgery is suspected, and also to validate any writing as belonging to a specific person (for example, is this the writing of this artist? It is then compared to writing known to be of this artist.)

This is a very detailed report outlining each similarity and difference in the writing samples. It includes only stroke identification, not personality, as strokes only is required in legal cases. The report can, upon request, be notarized as being written by Fiona, as a Certified Graphologist.

Turn around time is generally 5 business days, but can usually be done sooner if required.

Good quality scanned documents are acceptable, and the entire transaction can be handled via email if you are not local to Victoria, BC, Canada.

For more information on this service, please contact me through the contact form in the menu above, or by phone at 250.516.6233.

Pricing for all the different types of readings can be found here

Fiona MacKay Young