General Reading

General Reading

General Reading

A General Reading has no specific topic as it’s focus. You ask as many questions as you like. I answer them as far as they show in the writing, plus tell you whatever else I see in the writing. It is an informal structure that allows you to guide the reading as you wish.

It can be done as a written report, where you send me your questions and writing, and I send you the finished report.

But it can also be done live, either in person if you are local to Victoria, BC, Canada, or via Skype. The live report allows you to ask more questions based on what I tell you in response to your previous ones. The live report also allows discussion as to how you can go about changing anything you do not like that is presently in your writing.

The cost for a General Live Reading (via Skype or in person) is:
– 30 Minutes – $50
– 45 Minutes – $75
If you would like a recording of a Live Reading, it is available for $15 (MP3 format)
Please mention this at the time of ordering your reading

An audio reading in MP3 format (without the Skype live reading)
– 30 Minutes – $50
– 45 Minutes – $75
The recording will be emailed to you.

Written reports
– Comprehensive written report (4+ pages) – $125
The Comprehensive report contains a complete outline of all areas of the personality, describing each as it shows in your writing.

Payment can be made via PayPal (you do not need a PayPal account as you can pay with any credit card) or, if you are in North America, you can pay be e-transfer through your bank.

For this reading, you send me a page of writing which includes a signature. If it is your own writing, you can ask me whatever questions you like in the actual writing. Just write me a letter asking all the questions you want to ask and my report will answer these questions based on your writing. Or you may send me a separate page of writing, and include your questions in the email.

I clear scan or copy works. I do not need the original. But the scan or copy must be of good quality.

Your report will arrive in your email inbox within 5 working days of me receiving both your writing and payment. Occasionally, this will be extended due to vacation etc.

Pricing for all the different types of readings can be found here

Questions about General Readings? Please contact me.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Fiona MacKay Young