Intuitive Readings from Handwriting

So what are Intuitive Readings from  Handwriting?

Intuitive Readings from Handwriting are a wonderful way to find out more about yourself.

Whether you are considering a new direction for your life, are healing from a difficult time or want to engage in personal development, an Intuitive Reading can go a long way to helping you find your way.

It is also a great way to find out more about your significant other or about a new person in your life.

A Compatibility Intuitive Reading is perfect for any couple, whether it is a new relationship or an established relationship.

It can help solve problems, or prevent them arising in the first place.

Just understanding where the other is coming from can go a long way to establishing a better and closer relationship. Even if neither party makes any changes to the way they behave.

But it also opens the door of opportunity for changes to be made, should the people involved be interested.

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Does this mean that all the science, the extensive recognition of body language that handwriting analysis involves, is thrown away and now it’s all ‘psychic’?


Intuitive Readings from Handwriting

So what is it?

Your writing shows who you are.

It shows your traits. There are approximately 100 basic traits that anyone can learn. And countless more combination traits, made up from  2 or more basic traits.

And if you’re not looking at what is called ‘trait based’ analysis, but at Gestalt, then it involves looking at various general aspects of the writing in combination with each other to identify the personality of the writer.

That is the science of handwriting analysis.

Intuitive Readings

Intuitive readings from Handwriting is the part that comes after either or both of these.

It is where, after getting the basic information either through traits or the Gestalt method or both, the practitioner can then get a ‘feel’ for the writer.

This enables him or her to take the reading much farther, and create a comprehensive picture of the writer.

Expert handwriting analysts do this and still call it handwriting analysis, although they are taking it ‘way beyond exactly what the writing ‘says’ to them. Most handwriting analysts however do not do this at all.

So I have given it the name of “Intuitive Readings from Handwriting” for what I do, because intuition is a major component in how I put together the personality I see in the writing.

The Two Parts Make the Whole

I read and understand the body language of the writing. That is the analysis part.

Then from that I see into the personality and feel the personality acutely.

This way the reading is much more in depth, useful, insightful and I can answer many questions the client may have about the writer that would not fit into just the ‘analysis’ part of the equation.

So it’s not ‘psychic’ but it is ‘intuitive.’ We all have intuition. It is a normal part of being human and it makes such a difference to our understanding of life and of others when we allow it to do its work.

Would this work for you?

If you would like an Intuitive Reading of your, or someone else’s, handwriting, please contact me.

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Fiona MacKay Young