Personal Development

Personal Development through Handwriting… but not just Handwriting.

One of the amazing benefits of working on Personal Development using Handwriting is that you, without adding anything extra to what you are doing, are also engaging the power of several other Personal Development Tools.

This allows you to achieve your goals faster as you are using more than one strategy… but with no extended time or energy requirements!

Achievement Readings

Fee: $175 for Written Report, answering your questions, complete personality analysis, and suggestions for changes to writing based on your expressed questions and desired outcomes.

Fee: $120 for Live Report (Via Zoom or in person locally) answering your questions, complete personality analysis, and suggestions for changes to writing based on your expressed questions and desired outcomes.

Follow up 1/2 hour coaching session $75

According to Wikipedia, Personal Development includes activities that improve awareness and identity, develop talents and potential, build human capital and facilitate employability, enhance quality of life and contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations.

It lists Personal development as including the following activities:

wiki_personal development_topicsYou can work on any or all of these using Handwriting for Personal Development

(also known as Graphotherapy) and the other tools that are inherent within this technique.

What does this mean?

Using Handwriting for Personal Development involves changing strokes in your writing depending on the change you are wanting to see in yourself. It is usually as simple as one stroke for one trait.

And it is always best to just work on one thing at a time.

Just as if you were trying to learn languages: if you wanted to learn French, Russian and Japanese you would probably succeed faster and with less stress if you were to choose one of the three and learn that before going adding another language.

It is the same with any personal development technique, including handwriting – one thing at a time is much more effective than trying to make sweeping changes all at once.

So, back to Handwriting for Personal Development – let’s say you have decided to work on becoming more self-motivated.

You would learn what stroke in your writing you need to change for this and you would start doing 10 to 15 minutes practice per day on this.

That’s all it takes. 10 -15 minutes a day.

You are using the body language involved in moving your hand to write to create new feelings.

An other example of that use of body language could be when you go around with a big smile on your face and walking with head up, arms swinging to make yourself feel happier when you are down. Body language affects feeling in the same way as feelings affect body language.

So you are practising new writing strokes.

That is technique number #1 that you are using.

But as you write, you know what stroke you are changing and you know why. You know that every time you make this new stroke you are (in our example) writing more self-motivation into your life. So you start to recognize this stroke as self motivation. So it is becoming visual. You are association this stroke with this personal attribute.

So it becomes an affirmation, in the same way as reading a line that goes something like “I will be self-motivated and get myself going on things that matter to me.”

Every time you write the new stroke, you are giving yourself that same affirmation.

So that is technique #2 – you are using Affirmations.

What does self-motivation mean to you? If you decided you wanted to create it in yourself, you must have a relatively clear idea what that means to you. This involves visualization.

Every time you write the new stroke, and read it as an affirmation, your mind goes ahead and pictures what being self-motivated looks like to you, how it will be when it is in your life. This after all is what got you going on this topic in the first place – a visualization of what it would be like to have self-motivation. You liked what you saw and decided to go after it for yourself.

So that is technique #3 – Visualization

The other benefit is that since the subconscious is programmed by spaced repetition (that is things repeated over and over, with a space between repetitions) by practising your writing + affirmations + visualization for 10 – 15 minutes a day, you are doing just that.

You are programming your subconscious through spaced repetition.

And once your subconscious (which can’t tell “real” from the “vividly imagined”) believes that you are self-motivated, it will override your conscious mind and create the behavior in you to match it’s beliefs. In this case – it will make you act in a self-motivated way.

If you are uncertain about that, look at an opposite example.

We all know that people sometimes “self sabotage.” This is usually a lack of something, let’s use the example of a lack of confidence. If someone has undertaken to do something but they totally lack the confidence to do it, it is very likely they won’t do it well, because their subconscious doesn’t believe they can to it  It takes over and creates behavior that matches its belief – that the person can’t do whatever it is, so they make a mess of it.

That’s the negative aspect, and we are often more familiar with that one, but it works just a powerfully in the positive.

If you can convince your sub-conscious that you can do something it will do everything in its power to make that happen.

So here, by using Handwriting for Personal Development we have a 4 for 1 deal!

We have Handwriting, Affirmations, Visualization and Spaced Repetition.

You subconscious doesn’t stand a chance – it will accept the changes!

And yet another way you can increase even these great chances is by doing your 10 -15 minutes writing practice per day in the form of journaling.

Journaling is well known as an unbeatable health benefit in so many aspects of life. It allows you to get out what, if kept inside, can create emotional and health problems and risks.

So since you are writing anyway to practice your new strokes, why not journal?

When you are practising your new strokes, journal about:

  • the aspect of your personality you are doing this to develop.
  • always in the positive.
  • journal about what it will feel like to have it,
  • what you will do that you haven’t been doing, once you have it.
  • journal about the changes it will make to your life to be the “new you.”

This also increases the visualization element, by the way.

Click here to find a wonderful array of Journals which also include motivational quotes on the topic of each journal. And Quotes are another way of increasing your visualization and affirmations – just by reading them.

That all said, I hope you are excited about the opportunity to affect real personal development/ change.

However, it will not happen overnight.

It takes 14 days to break a habit and longer to create a new one to take its place.

Steve Pavlina writes on the this topic:

“During the first week or two, it will usually seem like your efforts are having little or no effect. But … usually within several weeks after you begin, you’ll start seeing significant shifts in your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and behaviors. At some point you’ll observe that you seem to be making huge leaps forward every week.” 

What changes would you like to make?

I offer Handwriting for Personal Development Services

  • to help you know what strokes to change.
  • I also offer a follow-up service to check your writing once a month for the first 3 months to ensure you are not self-sabotaging and creating new strokes to compensate for the ones you are removing.

Fee: $175 for Written Report, answering your questions, complete personality analysis, and suggestions for changes to writing based on your expressed questions and desired outcomes.

Fee: $120 for Live Report (Via Skype or in person locally) answering your questions, complete personality analysis, and suggestions for changes to writing based on your expressed questions and desired outcomes.

Follow up 1/2 hour coaching session $75

I would love to work with you on your Personal Development goals.

Please use contact me and I will send you instructions about what writing I need, questions to ask and payment.

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Please feel free to ask me any questions to help you decide.

Be all you can be – your handwriting can help!

Fiona MacKay Young