Relationship & Compatibility Readings

Relationship & Compatibility Readings Who are Relationship & Compatibility Readings for? It is for you if you are considering a relationship with someone. It is for you if you are already in a relationship and either want to deepen it through a more complete understanding Or it is for you if you are already in a relationship […]

Comprehensive Handwriting Readings

Comprehensive Handwriting Readings can help in many ways. Handwriting Readings of your own writing can: identify your strengths and how to make them even stronger identify your weaknesses and how to remove them, or change them help you understand yourself better decide what personal development you want to engage in decide on a career discover […]

Intuitive Readings from Handwriting

So what are Intuitive Readings from  Handwriting? Intuitive Readings from Handwriting are a wonderful way to find out more about yourself. Whether you are considering a new direction for your life, are healing from a difficult time or want to engage in personal development, an Intuitive Reading can go a long way to helping you find […]

Gift Certificates

Give a Handwriting Analysis Gift Certificate An ideal, truly unique gift for someone “who has everything.” The Gift Certificates can be used to buy any Readings/ Reports or Books

What does Handwriting Analysis DO?

What does Handwriting Analysis DO? So it’s all very interesting to say I am a Handwriting Analyst, but what does Handwriting Analysis DO? There are two main ways of using handwriting analysis. To identify personality traits (Personality) and put together a complete picture of the person To identify if two or more writing samples were written […]

Practical Handwriting Analysis – Welcome

Welcome to Practical Handwriting Analysis To get you started, here are 9 Things Handwriting can do for You.Click on image to enlarge it. To some extent handwriting is a lost art, but we still write at least our signatures and whenever anyone writes, even just their name, their personality shines through like a beacon. And […]

Handwriting Services & Readings

Handwriting Services & Readings I offer Handwriting Readings and Reports and Tarot & Handwriting combined written, MP3 audio and face to face (in person on Zoom), over a dozen books and gift certificates. Handwriting only I specialize in Relationships & Compatibility Readings, and Personal Development Readings and “Change your Handwriting, Change your Life Personalized Readings. Tarot […]

Who’ll find the best shopping deals? Personality in the Marketplace.

The day after Christmas, which is today as I write this, in North America, is the day when people pack the shops even more than they did before Christmas, as they shop for bargains, make returns on unwanted gifts, and generally try to survive the mobs as they get the best “deals.” “Mayhem” is a […]