Power Signature

How to Create a Power Signature using Handwriting What is the piece of writing you see most often? What do you write most often? A signature. Even in these days of texting and email, just about everyone still has to actually write their name sometimes. And when you do, you are giving away a great […]

Create a Power Signature

Question: What writing do you see most of anyone’s? Answer: Their Signature. If you are interested in having a signature that will come out tops in a signature analysis, you need to know what strokes will help you and why.

Personality Analysis of your Handwriting Signature

The Personality Analysis of your Handwriting Signature        (Previously “Signature Analysis Workbook“)   Analyzing signatures is one of the most popular uses of handwriting analysis for non-professionals. It’s revealing.  It’s enlightening. It’s useful. And it’s fun! You can analyze your own signature signature or you can analyze any other signature you can find. We see […]

What everybody ought to know about Signatures

Why are people so interested in their signature and the signatures of other people, when often they don’t really care about how the rest of the writing looks? Here are some tips about signatures.

8 Tips on How to write your new Signature.

 8 Tips on How to write your new Signature. When you change your writing and keep it that way over a period of time, you change your personality as well. Handwriting is body language, and we ultimately become the person we behave as, if we continue to behave that way consistently. Some people change their signature […]

Handwriting Analysis Books

How-to Handwriting Analysis Books Below you will find book on how to use Handwriting Analysis for specific purposes. All the books contain clear instructions and illustrations for you to follow whether you are trying to identify traits from yours or someone else’s writing or whether you wish to change something about your writing. Newest Publication […]

Change your life, be all you can be by changing your handwriting.

Change your life, be all you can be by changing your handwriting. Yes, it works. You can change your life by changing your writing. Personal Development using Handwriting, or Graphotherapy, involves changing your writing to change character traits. It is a unique, but extremely effective way of realizing your potential. You can improve your life […]