Speaking & Entertainment Services

Handwriting Analysis Speaking & Entertainment Services


Keynotes on personality and handwriting.

  • Easily adapted to the theme or topic of the event
  • Informative & Interactive
  • Fun & Inspirational
  • Includes instant readings of participants writing (depending upon numbers)
  • Q & A at end

Presentations, Workshops, Seminars

marker pens

  • tailored to fit your group and your time frame
  • can be on Graphology in relation to a specific area or topic, or a more general presentation
  • tailored to groups topic and interests
  • highly interactive, lively and entertaining
  • Includes instant readings of participants writing
  • Q & A at end


For Team Building Events, or Socials or as an Ice Breaker 

Can be given as live entertainment or can be done by distance using audio recordings.


  • After a brief introduction, everyone in the group will receive a short analysis of their handwriting
  • 45 – 60 second Personality Bites of each writer in a group
  • Can be used as a guessing game without names
  • Or as introduction with names
  • Works well with up to 20 people
  • Light but informative: professional and un-embarrassing, but helpful and useful
  • Q & A at end

Handwriting Analysis  Private Parties

figures speech

Can’t find what you are looking for on this list?

  • Contact me.
  • Tell me your idea and we will work out how do it successfully
  • Or tell me about your group and I will suggest ideas for you


Have fun with your writing.

Fiona MacKay Young