Aggressive, Assertive or Passive: Your Writing Tells.

Have you ever considered that your writing will show how aggressive,  assertive or passive you are?

Aggressive, Assertive or Passive: Your Writing Tells.

Aggressive, Assertive or Passive: Your Writing Tells. Your handwriting is body language, and just as your other body language will show whether you are aggressive, assertive or passive, so will your writing.

The other bonus from identifying it from writing is that if you don’t like which you are, you can change it by changing your writing.

So how do Aggressive, Assertive and Passive show in your writing?

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Aggressiveness: Quick Tip #12

Aggressiveness has a negative ring to it.

To say someone is aggressive brings to mind someone pushing ahead without regard for others.

It can indeed be that, but that is not necessarily the case  Whether it is present in the personality, and whether is it a negative or a positive can be easily identified from handwriting.

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Did you spend too much?

In the Western world, the week after Christmas is a time of spending.

Shops offer sales and shoppers push, shove and stand in line for hours if necessary to get bargains.

What in writing will show who is likely to be an overly-avid post-Christmas shopper?  Here are a few strokes to consider. Continue reading

Who’ll find the best shopping deals? Personality in the Marketplace.

The day after Christmas, which is today as I write this, in North America, is the day when people pack the shops even more than they did before Christmas, as they shop for bargains, make returns on unwanted gifts, and generally try to survive the mobs as they get the best “deals.”


“Mayhem” is a good word to describe it.

But like every other occasion in life, people’s writing can give accurate insights into how someone is likely to behave. Continue reading

Be optimistic! Let your Handwriting help.

I was listening to an audio recently of Napoleon Hill’s classic  “Think and Grow Rich.”  There are recordings of parts of presentations he made to audiences, and in one he lists the top twelve things that you need to succeed.think and grow rich book

Attitude, he says, is number one. Continue reading

Fear of Success: Identified in 30 seconds flat!

Identifying Fear of Success: one quick, in fact instant, way is through handwriting.

There is one stroke in writing that is used in identifying this fear. success

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Graphotherapy – what is it?

Graphotherapy is the use of handwriting analysis, or graphology, for personal development, self growth: to change some aspect or aspects of your personality.

You may think how you write is a conscious choice, after all when you choose to do your “best” writing, it looks different from the quick scrawl you make as you take notes from a phone call.

But the changes you are making in that situation are purely cosmetic.  The strokes that show the individual personality traits lodged deep in your subconscious remain the same.

Graphotherapy works with the subconscious to make changes to those personality traits.

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Your Attitude Shows

Your attitude can make you or break you.  It can make your relationships, your job, your life.  It can also break all of the above.

Attitude is a choice.  It doesn’t matter what your circumstances.  You can still choose to have a good attitude.frog attitude

Victor Frankl, who was a prisoner in a Nazi concentration camp wrote that “the only thing they could not take away from us was our attitude.”

But so many people do allow life to rob them of their positive attitude.

You can tell attitude, positive and negative, from handwriting. Continue reading