Wavy baseline in handwriting: Quick Tip #4

Wavy baseline in handwriting: Quick Tip #4

When you are writing on unlined paper, the baseline of your writing tells a great deal.

  • It can be very straight.
  • It can be uphill.
  • It can be downhill.
  • Or it can be gently meandering along with a undulating base.

When it’s up, down, waving gently along the line of script what does that mean?

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Jealousy is an insecurity

Jealousy when seen in a small child, whose family has just grown to include a new baby, is easily identifiable as an insecurity  The child is worried that there won’t be enough love and attention to go around, and that they will receive less.

In adults it can be harder to recognize, but it still has the same roots. Someone else has, or is perceived to have, something the jealous person wants.

Identifying jealousy in your own or someone else’s writing can help deal with it.

Knowing from where the behavior stems makes coping with it more possible.

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People Skills: How to Like and be Liked

A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out. Anon

People Skills:

The basic key is to just be friendly! No mystery, but also no hidden agenda, no hooks and barbs.

We all are drawn to people who like us. There may be some people who like us who we don’t like in return. But on the other hand, it’s hard to like someone if they don’t seem to like you.

Some people just naturally make others feel liked and appreciated.

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Listening Skills and your Handwriting

Listening is a skill.  It is a skill that remarkably few people have to any degree.

In general we think of listening as staying quiet as someone talks.

But there is so much more to this skill and your natural writing can help you see where you excel and where … well, where you don’t excel!

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Who’ll find the best shopping deals? Personality in the Marketplace.

The day after Christmas, which is today as I write this, in North America, is the day when people pack the shops even more than they did before Christmas, as they shop for bargains, make returns on unwanted gifts, and generally try to survive the mobs as they get the best “deals.”


“Mayhem” is a good word to describe it.

But like every other occasion in life, people’s writing can give accurate insights into how someone is likely to behave. Continue reading

A Unique Approach to Gift Giving

Handwriting Analysis can give you a unique approach to gift giving


By checking out their writing you can find some unique clues as to what would be an excellent gift for that writer.

Here are a few tips.

Get some writing of the person or people to whom you are giving gifts and check out the following:  Continue reading

Large writing or small writing: Size does matter

Do you have large writing? Do you have small writing? Or do you think your writing is somewhere in the middle with regard to size?

Size is a significant element in handwriting… Continue reading

Signature Analysis: It only happens in my signature! Quick Tip #6

Any stroke that only happens in your signature has special significance.

Your signature is very personal, so a stroke that happens only there applies to you on a very personal level. Continue reading

Signature Analysis: Gaps between Names

Most people sign more than one name in their signature. It may be as simple as one initial and name, or it may be 3 or 4 names written out in full.signature

How many names you write and whether they are written out in full or just initials all has its own meaning.

For now, however, we will look just at the significance of the amount of space left between names, and whether it’s the same each time or not. Continue reading