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Testimonials for Fiona MacKay Young, #yyj, Victoria, BC, Canada

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“Since my husband and I started to be in business together a few years ago, we have been having some communications problem and frustration with different opinion and style of doing things. Then I got to know Fiona and her wonderful business. I hired her to do hand writing analysis for me and my husband and it was such a wonderful experience.
Within one hour with Fiona, I gain a lot of understanding about our communication style and learned where the problems were. Fiona got re-assure me about the part I need to be re-assured and change my perspective where change is needed.
After the session and the better understanding of our styles, I am able to deal with my husband a lot better. I can accept him better. It is really amazing. I also ask Fiona to analyse my employee’s hand writing and the report that I got from her is very good and provide a lot of detail. I am now able to deal with that employee better and having better relationship.
Thank you, Fiona.”
Nat J.
“Your report has greatly helped me to have a clear idea of who I am. It also increased my self esteem as it helped me see myself and my strong points.  Thank you so much.”

“Your report was truly amazing and I am fortunate to have found out about your services.”

“Wonderfully informative and useful.”

“Wow!  It’s amazing you came up with all that about me.
I definitely think this has a niche in Career Development and Hiring.
I think you should offer this service to Outplacement firms and people considering Self-Employment.
Best of Luck in the Future.”
Bev, Career Development Consultant, Calgary AB

“I can’t believe how much you came up with from just a short sample of writing.  It is quite amazing, and eye opening. I am now working to make one big change that I would like to see, and more coming after I get that one in place. You have changed my life. Thank you.”

Handwriting Analysis Presentation/ Workshop Attendees Testimonials

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Comments from Group Participants at Handwriting, Journaling & the Vortex, October 2016

  • Fun and fascinating! Excellent lesson and really interesting personal readings. Thanks so much, Fiona, you are incredibly talented!
  • Utterly fascinating
  • Very informative..and fun … 🙂
  • This was super interesting and I got a lot out of it. Thank you for sharing your gift Fiona!
  • Fiona you’re amazing!! You gave us a lot of value in a very short period of time….Thank you
  • Very cool, very interesting
  • Loved it! Thanks Fiona!
  • Excellent presentation by Fiona!
  • Lots of great Information, Thanks Fiona.
  • Very informative and fun


“Thank you so very much for the best workshop I have ever attended.”

“You are better than any instructor I had in college. When my attitude reaches yours there will be no stopping me.  You are an inspiration to all of us.  Thank you for everything.”

“Thanks so much for all your help, and your great, warm, positive attitude.  Being in this class and having you as an instructor has been a very positive experience and an eye opener for me. Thanks again.”

“You did a wonderful job! Keep up the good work.”

“The course was very informative and the instructor marvelous”

“Usted es maravillosa una gran muter.  Gracian por su enorme ayuda.”

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“I had no idea handwriting analysis could be such fun!  You certainly know how to present the topic in an interesting, entertaining way.  I love it!  Thank you so much.”
Becca L.

“I have learnt a great deal from your books.  It is all very worthwhile. I use what I’ve learnt regularly at work.”

“Your book  I purchased is most interesting and your are able to make it real.  Thanks”

“Your books are a breath of fresh air, and so positive.  They are a blessing to a lot of people.”

“Very enlightening”

“With the wide variety of information and examples, I have learnt more about myself and who I am.”

“It’s amazing how much you can learn about people from their writing once you know what to look for.”