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Visit my YouTube Channel here or scroll down to view each of the Playlists from here.

There I am posting, several times a week, short videos on how to identify specific personalities from handwriting and how to make any changes you want to make.

I have lots of ideas for lots of videos – stay tuned – and please subscribe to my channel to be notified of each new video as it’s posted. If you lose the link, you can always find it by doing a search on YouTube for “Fiona Handwriting

Below you will find each of the playlists from my channel. Scroll down the page, as there are several playlists to check out. Click on the videos to view.


The “Write On!” Playlist 

has short videos each showing how to identify a single personality trait.

Great for finding out “how do I … ?” or “how does (any specific trait) show in writing?


The “Relationship” Playlist

shows how relationships are affected by various traits and combinations of traits. It looks at “if you are ‘this’ in a relationship with someone who is ‘that’, how will the relationship be affected?”

Even just understanding where behavior is coming from can strength relationships, even if neither party makes any changes.

As more and more videos are added to this playlist, expect more eye-opening information.


The “Be a Success” Playlist

illustrates various groups of personality traits that affect success in one way or another. Whether you identify “Success” as money in the bank, or something else entirely, you will find these videos clarify for you how you can become even more successful in whatever way you define success.


The “Personal Development” Playlist

follows the established concept of “Be all you can be” by developing self-awareness, and giving you the tools to become more of the person you wish to be.

By making changes to your writing in this way, you can change your life, one stroke at a time.

This playlist will continue to grow and grow and grow as there is no end to how far any of us can go in our personal growth.


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Want to see a specific personality trait to be demonstrated in a video? Use the contact form on the right, or in the menu above, to let me know what you would like to see.

I hope you find the videos both fun and informative – enjoy!

Fiona MacKay Young